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The canadian soccer club based in Oshawa, Ontario

Who We Are

We are a professional Canadian soccer club based in Oshawa, Ontario. Our home stadium is Durham Regional Stadium, where we play our home games. Durham Storm FC was founded by Durham Region Soccer Association (DRSA), and we played our first season in 2022 as part of the Canadian Professional Soccer League. Our team is coached by Tony De Thomas and led by President and Vice-President: David Ferguson and Kevin Grant, respectively.


CPSL is Canada’s only professional soccer league, a semi-professional men’s outdoor soccer league that has been operating since its establishment in 1987. And during the summer of 2003, the CPSL and the Major League Soccer (MLS) merged as a member of MLS’ “MLS Select” program to market MLS better.


The DRSA revived our club in 2012 under the name Durham United Football Club (DUFC), and we are presently the only team with our stadium. We have served the Durham Region for over a decade, and we are excited to share more successful seasons with you in the future.

The Inception of Durham Storm FC

Intending to build a stronger foundation for the league, the CPSL decided to form a team from its home turn to compete in domestic and international soccer tournaments and games. So Durham Storm was established as an independent soccer club composed of youth teams, junior-level women’s player development teams, and an open-age men’s team.

Quick History

Club Expansion

By 2004, the CPSL expanded to women’s soccer and created two separate leagues; professional and amateur leagues. And further on, these leagues grew into four with three amateur levels (Super Division, First Division, Second Division Premier Division) and one professional level called National Premier Soccer League (NPSL Pro). This professional league includes teams from Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Quebec.

More Info on Canadian Soccer

We’d love for more young people to be interested in playing soccer, so we offer information and updates on Canadian soccer. Our hope is to inspire the next generation of players and fans!

Soccer is a sport that requires stamina, strength, and agility. It is a game that can be played by anyone, regardless of their size or strength. Soccer is a low-cost sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Canada has a long and proud history in the sport of soccer. The first recorded game of soccer in Canada took place in 1859, just a few years after the game was first codified in England.

Since then, Canadian teams have competed at the highest levels of international competition. In 1976, Canada won the Olympic bronze medal in men’s soccer, and in 2000, Canada’s women’s team won the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics.

Canadian soccer fans have a lot to be proud of! We hope you’ll join us in supporting our teams, and maybe even take up the sport yourself. Just as our athletes demonstrate excellence on the field, you can discover top-tier entertainment off the field by exploring the best Canadian casinos. These venues offer a vibrant blend of excitement and opportunity, mirroring the spirited competition and camaraderie found in soccer.

Famous Soccer Players in Canada

When you think of Canadian soccer, some world-famous names come to mind. From Christine Sinclair to Alphonso Davies, these athletes have made a name for themselves on the international stage. Here are just a few of the most famous soccer players in Canada.

Legendary Canadian Soccer Teams

As any Canadian soccer fan knows, our nation has a proud history of competitive teams and world-renowned players. From the Vancouver Whitecaps to Toronto FC, Canadian soccer teams have made their mark on the sport both at home and abroad.

You will get to know a few of the most legendary Canadian soccer teams in history on our site.

Come back to read more updates on Canadian soccer, and don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest news in the world of soccer!

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